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Hundreds of students today at Keene State College participated in a Klean up Keene event. Armed with trash bags and dumpsters, these students worked hard at 10AM the next morning to clean up the mess that other students caused on saturday that made my school become national news. This is what my school should be remembered for. Not the riots that happened because of some group of kids. Stop giving these riots the attention and start giving attention the the wonder kids that go to my school that want to be remembered for the good.

vocaloid fans: world is mine? haha ew
*world is mine starts to play*


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  • remembers when lotr gained a cult following
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  • connoisseur of cult fantasy art
  • drinks cheap beer in the garage while playing pool
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Another Anime Convention 2014 Cosplay Photography

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Part 1: HERE

Part 2: HERE

Part 3: You are there!

Part 4: HERE

That’s all. I wish I had taken more. :C

omg in the last pic arakita is b4th0l0mew, im toudou, komari is fuckboy-kanekiken, tadokoro is boohoogulu, and makishima is makishma !


Walk into the club like hey my favourite book series ended and I’m not handling the loss very well


You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away (๑◕︵◕๑)

I am not ready for this Yowapedal episode RN. I have to sit in class while all my friends Snapchat me pics of them crying.

Fuck these pedals.




sure its about a bunch of cowboys entering a race trying to find the corpse of jesus christ to shove inside their bodies to gain super powers to stop the president of the united states but i am So Sad about it??? why

okay im literally completely convinced jojos bizarre adventure isnt a real thing and is actually some elaborate joke. theres no way this is a for real thing that exists

there are also dinosaurs

It is like… 1am and I’m so tired but I just want to rp and there is no one to rp with right now hhhhhhh I should just go the fuck to sleep hhh

It was a long con weekend and I’m so done but I still want to fandom. How do I even do thi n g s


If you don’t live in keene, or go to keene state college, or where ACTUALLY there for pumpkin fest, please SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Yes, our school has some douche bags, but who’s school doesn’t? Some of us work so hard at this school and people saying shit about keene state is demeaning to those MANY GOOD STUDENTS. So if you weren’t there, go back to talking about ebola and shit.  

As a Keene State student who wasn’t here this weekend, I can say I’ve already been hurt by the things people have been saying about my school. We work really hard here, regardless of some people’s urge to party.

One thing I haven’t been seeing people mention is that a majority of rioters were not even Keene students. Most were from UNH and other neighboring schools.

To call all of us mean names and gossip about Pumpkin Fest and the shit that happened is appalling. People were hurt and by making posts about how “wrong” and “misguided” Keene State students are is way too ducking far.

Drunk college kids do stupid shit. This wasn’t police brutality, it was about protecting the townsfolk.


that boy you just called gay? well he is gay. he’s your boyfriend. both of you are gay. how do you keep forgetting this, jeffery


popular japanese anime yowamushi pedal